United in Peace Seminar

The Seminar ”United in Peace” took place in Slettestrand, Denmark between 13th of December and 21st of December 2019. The seminar brought together 30 youth workers from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Armenia, Rep. Moldova, Ukraine, Turkey, and Rep. North Macedonia.

 The aim of ‘United in Peace’ was to promote peace and ease the effect of conflicts on young people, by increasing youth workers competences in supporting young people’s personal development, who live in conflict or post-conflict regions.

 The seminar was non-academic, and it was based on non-formal education. The methods applied by the trainers were mainly, but not exclusively, interactive.

 The seminar had been supported youth workers:

  •  Understanding upon the impact of conflict on young people and the relation between youth work and conflict.
  •  Knowledge upon the situation in the partners’ countries, and the best practices of
  •  the partners and the visited organisation in working with young people in conflict areas.
  •  Awareness upon the work of the UN and the EU in relation to peace in Europe.
  •  Awareness upon the role of different stakeholder in keeping peace.
  •  Knowledge about project management.
  •  Skills in the form of new tools and methods regarding:
  •  Skills in the development of action plans/projects to support young people in conflict areas.

 You may see the photos below.

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