The Role of Women in the European Union Membership Process

Our first project in partnership with Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce (ETO) and AIESEC: "The Role of Women in the European Union Membership Process"

50 participants joined our project from 13 different countries, including Turkey, on the first day, in which Prof. Dr. Nezih Orhon, Opr. Dr. Alev ÖZDEMİR KARABAĞ, Dr. Erhan Akdemir, and UNFPA Expert Florya İnan presented and touched the role of the women in Media, Health, Political Participation and Migration. We had a great time and fun at the same time while we searched for solutions to the problems at hand.
After the initial meeting, all participants came together at the round tables to discuss four different topics. During the breaks of our sessions, thanks to Dr. Ali Onur Özçelik, who organized the energizing games, and with other suprises we had fun and experienced colourful moments.